Family Therapy


Create positive momentum


Whether we like it or not, our identities are often rooted in roles we held in our original families or defined by patterns we inherited rather than chose.


In families, rules and traditions are powerful, and relationships are incredibly complex. The way we were raised may drive the way we see the world and define what’s normal.


As a family therapist, I focus on a family’s interactions, communication patterns, and non-verbal responses, such as tone of voice or body posture. My aim is to help each family member authentically share feelings and beliefs. This, in turn, can help the entire family learn to be more honest and better equipped to express their feelings and needs.


Family therapy does not have to include all family members. In fact, one family member in therapy can activate change across an entire family unit. Whether you come to family therapy as an individual, couple, group of siblings, or in any other combination of family members, you can make positive changes. The goal in family therapy is to help expand awareness of feelings, beliefs, and influence, so that family members can find a new way to relate and respond to each other. This awareness helps relieve negative feelings and increase feelings of connectedness – within and outside of the family.


Family therapy gives us the opportunity to explore unspoken, unacknowledged, or unquestioned forces from the past that may be driving negative emotions today. Ultimately, through awareness and insight, we can modify our responses and patterns to better suit our needs in the present. How does this sound to you?


Are you ready to build a better family system?
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