Harmony Family Counseling

Do you experience conflict with your partner, family members, or friends? Do you have trouble feeling heard and understood by the people who matter most to you? Are you experiencing feelings of stress, loneliness, emptiness, guilt, or loss of control? I can help.


I work with clients to slow down their thinking so that they can gain a sense of clarity and control in their lives. I see therapy as a place to build deeper self-understanding and learn how actions and behaviors affect relationships. My goal is to help identify patterns that have not worked and empower people to make healthier, more positive, and more productive choices. I want to help my clients feel more connected with themselves, in their relationships, and to the world.


Individual Therapy

Do you feel stuck, anxious, or depressed? Let’s work together so you can let go of worries and feel more hope, resiliency, and joy.



Couples Therapy

Is it hard to connect with your partner? I can help you disrupt negative cycles and build more empathy and gentleness. Together.



Family Therapy

Are difficult relationships from your past impacting your family life today? Work with me to build faith in your own value and worthiness.



Teen Therapy

Are you struggling with anxiety or self-destructive behavior? I can help you get through tough times and feel more confident about your future.



Are you interested in gaining a new perspective in a safe and confidential space? I’d love to support, guide, and empower you as you shift your negative thoughts and feelings – and work toward a more positive future.
Contact me to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.